· Another Earth, dir. M. Cahill

· The Artist, dir. M. Hazanavicius

· Poulet aux prunes (Chicken with Plums), dir. V. Paronnaud & M. Satrapi

· Et maintenant, on va où? (Where Do We Go Now?), dir. N. Labaki

· The Mill & the Cross, dir. L. Majewski 

· Shame, dir. S. McQueen

· Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, dir. T. Alfredson

· Tomboy, dir. C. Sciamma 

· A torinói ló (The Turin Horse), dir. B. Tarr 

· Tyrannosaur, dir. P. Considine 

· Weekend, dir. A. Haigh 

· Wuthering Heights, dir. A. Arnold

+ Honourable mentions: We Need to Talk About Kevin, dir. L Ramsay; A Separation, dir. A. Farhadi; L’apollonide: souvenirs de maison close, dir. B. Bonello; The Ides of March, dir. G. Clooney; Martha Marcy May Marlene, dir. S. Durkin; La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In), dir. P. Almodóvar

+ And there are still so many left to see! Including: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen; The Awakening; Wreckers; Hotel Swooni; Oslo, Aug 31st; Dreams of a Life; Alois Nebel; Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da (Once Upon a Time in Anatolia); Michael; Monsieur Lazhar; Beauty; Le Havre